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Go Unlimited

Wash More,

Save More

Get $10 off your first month on ANY plan!

Warrior Wash Milwaukee Unlimited Plans

*Unlimited prices not including tax

No Hassle Billing

Monthly payment automatically billed to your card

Cancel Anytime

No commitment membership

Great Value

Get your moneys worth in just two washes

Member Benefits

License Plate Recognition

Get through the gate without even rolling down your window.

Money Saving

All plans pay for themselves with just two washes per month.

Truly Unlimited

Enjoy no limits on your washes.

Warrior Wash Milwaukee Unlimited Plan Menu

How It Works

Purchase online or at one of our kiosks

Sign up for an unlimited membership by inputting your phone number, choosing your plan, entering your card information, and vehicle make, model, and license plate.

Wait for License Plate Reader

When you pull up to the kiosk, our license plate readers will automatically open the gate and let you through the wash.

Enjoy Truly Unlimited Washes

All of our membership plans include the ability to truly use an unlimited amount of times per month. 

Please be advised that temporary, vanity, or degraded license plates may not be captured. Please stop into our lobby if you have any issues with your plate not being read.

Manage your membership details online

See the details of your membership such as reload date, receipts, and other information.

Make changes to your plan, update payment information, or cancel your membership.

Check out our FAQ for more assistance

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